ditulis langsung oleh Presiden Iran

Autobiography 2006/08/08

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar

Oh Almighty God, please, we beg you to send us our Guardian- who You have promised us- soon and appoint us as His close companions.

During the era that nobility was a prestige and living in a city was perfection, I was born in a poor family in a remote village of Garmsar-approximately 90 kilometer east of Tehran. I was born fifteen years after Iran was invaded by foreign forces- in August of 1940- and the time that another puppet, named mohammad Reza – the son of Reza Mirpange- was set as a monarch in Iran. Since the extinct shah -Mohammad Reza- was supposed to take and enter Iran into western civilization slavishly, so many schemes were implemented that Iran becomes another market for the western ceremonial goods without any progress in the scientific field. Our Islamic culture would not allow such an infestation, and this was an impediment in front of shah and his foreign masters’ way. Thus, they decided to make this noble and tenacious culture weak gradually that Iran be attached strongly to the west as far as its economy, politics, and culture was concern. After the implementation of this policy and the unreal and outward of upswing, the villagers began to rush to the cities. Upon the enforcement of the land reform, the status of the villages became worst than the past and villagers for earning some breadcrumbs, they were deceived by the dazzling look and the misleading features of the cities and became suburban and lived in ghettos.

My family was also suffered in the village as others. After my birth -the fourth one in the family- my family was under more pressures. My father had finished 6 grade of elementary school. He was a hard-bitten toiler blacksmith, a pious man who regularly participated in different religious programs. Even though never the dazzling look of the world was appealing to him, but the pressure of the life caused that he decided to migrate to Tehran when I was one year old. We chose to live in south central part of Tehran where is called Pamenar.

* * *

My father used to buy newspaper all the time. I remember one day, when I was in first grade, by looking through a newspaper – with the help of the adults in our house- I read the news of the capitulation passage by the shah’s so called “parliament.” Even though I did not understand the meaning of that issue at that time, but due to the protests and the objections of the religious schools of thoughts with the leadership of Imam Khomeini -Almighty God bless his soul- and the relentless reaction of the extinct shah, I realized that Mohammad Reza attempted to add another page to his vicious case history which was the humiliation and indignity of the Iranian people versus Americans. That was the year that the extinct shah slaughtered many followers of Imam Khomeini.

Imam Khomeini was released from prison. I never forget Imam Khomeini’s speeches during those years which was very persuasive and appealing. You would hear the strong faith to Almighty God in his orations. He invited the people to pure Islam. His message was invitation to the belief of monotheism- Unity and Oneness of God- and also justice, elimination of oppression, injustice and sedition in the world. He was courageous and had a valiant heart. He spoke firmly and securely. His orations were simple and honest. The people accepted his guidance sincerely. Due to these characteristics, he was a beloved leader for every individuals-young or elderly. Of course he was a disgrace for shah’s regime and his Americans masters. Notably, even among his enemies, he was respected with a special honor.

* * *

Eventually, the existence of Imam Khomeini was unbearable for the extinct shah and he could not tolerate him any more. Since they knew if they kill him-as they did a great number of his followers- the bloody uprising can not be controlled. Consequently they decided to exile him in order to separate the leader from his followers and to restrain the revolution which was occurring. They send him into exile overnight and his exile lasted 14 years.

While Imam Khomeini was in exile, I became more familiar with his ideas, thoughts and philosophy through his companions and disciples in different classes and meetings. The more I became familiar with his thoughts and philosophy, the more affection I had for that divine leader and his separation and absence was intolerable for me. Although the enemies of the Iranian Muslims separated their leader from them, but always he was in people’s hearts and was more close to them than ever.

* * *

When I used to go to high school, shah celebrated the 2500 years of monarchy of Iran. Those years, poverty among the oppressed people of Iran was escalated and doubled. The imposition of the cost and the expenditure of these festivals and ceremonies and also the crapulence of shah’s debauched clan and their foreign companies, broke the people’s back. All necessary materials and supplies of these illegitimate functions were brought to Iran from Europe by the exclusive and specific airplanes. Probably one can claim that the disgraceful festivals of the 2500 years of kingdom in Iran -which was arranged by the traitorous shah- were the most expensive festivals in the history of the civilized human.

Anyway, in this situation, my father’s sledgehammer and anvil could not cover my family’s necessary expenses. Thus, I had to start working in a shop- that made certain parts for cooling system of buildings- to make some money to cover a portion of my family’s expenses and also my educational costs. Even though I was very playful those days, but was aware of my school & education. I was a distinguished student. From that time, I was interested and attached to teaching. I used to teach my friends and others in their houses. The last year of my high school, I prepared myself for university admission test-conquer. And later on that year, I took the test. Although I had nose bleeding during the test, but I became 132nd student among over 400 thousand participants. I was admitted for civil engineering major in one of the technical universities in Tehran. That was three years before the revolution. Even though the revolution was taking place and I was involved in certain activities against the illegitimate regime of the monarch in Iran-the mercenary & puppet of U.S. & Britain- but I was aware of my education and did not give it up.

* * *

In order to stop the university students from joining the revolution, the traitorous shah and his clan tried to abolish Islamic belief and revolutionary motives among students, by propagating immorality, promiscuity, and perversion in universities in Iran. Although a small number of students fell into their traps, but in general, university converted to a base for demonstration against shah’s regime. The people’s faith and devotion to Islam was the main reason that they became ready to face bloodthirsty shah with his brutal and savage torture and encounter his death squad.

* * *

Imam Khomeini after being in exile in Iraq and elsewhere- came back to Iran. The manner is which Imam Khomeini was warmly welcomed on his return after fifteen years of exile by Iranian nation will always be remembered in the records of history. Whole Iran poured out in the streets to welcome Imam. The eyes of those watching Iran from the outside world were dazzled to see this great event and they were helpless to understand and come up with an explanation for what they saw.

The Islamic Revolution of the nation of Iran achieved victory after several years of severe hardships, brave perseverance and sacrifices of thousands of martyrs to the unbelievable astonishment of political analysts of East and West and right in front of the watchful eyes of Intelligence apparatuses of the great World powers at that time. Our Revolution was unique in its own kind. The whole Iranian nation with empty hands and only relying on the divine weapon of faith and under the leadership of an 80 years old man, was able to give a crushing defeat to the mercenary of USA, the Shah (King) of Iran and disclose the real disgraceful face of his powerful supporters to the countries of the region and the whole world.

* * *

Although, right at the beginning of the movement of Imam Khomeini, the type of Government Imam was seeking to establish was known to everybody, however, Imam repeatedly laid great emphasis that everyone’s opinion should be taken into consideration (by holding a referendum)  for the establishment of the type of new government in Iran. This he did so as to show right at the outset that it is with the wishes of the nation as well as in accordance with the principles of Islam, that an Islamic Government is established.  Although, there was absolutely no need of a referendum, but Imam with his wise foresight, proved his point of view to everyone and left no place for those who wished to seek alternatives. This action of Imam and vehement participation and positive reply to the establishment of Islamic Republic by the Iranian nation, caused disappointment of some of the political groups that were affiliated to great world powers. These terrorist groups with the support and directions from arrogant powers, the leader of them being USA at that time, started massacring innocent people as well as the leading figures of the Islamic Revolution. They, like their supporting masters, thought that they can undermine and collapse the new government right in its beginning.  But, the nation of Iran was not ready to give this precious and great Revolution from their hands so easily. They stood firmly and with great difficulties, remained loyal to Revolution and protected it at all costs. They were ultimately able to force these terrorist groups out of their own country.  Although these terrorist groups are still under the protection and shameful support of Great Satan USA, however, the slap that these groups have received from the brave nation of Iran will never be forgotten by them.

The global arrogance had determined to defeat the Islamic Revolution of Iran at all costs. The reason was that they were afraid that this revolution will become a model and ideal path for other nations in the region and in the world. On the other they also wished to get back their lost prestige. Thus, they, in addition to supporting daily terrorist activities inside Iran, they also supported regime of Saddam to attack Iran and start the imposed war. The analysis of corrupt politicians at that time was that Iranian revolution was in its beginning and the government was not fully established and was not powerful enough to survive. The security apparatus of state, they thought, was not fully functional and was weak and didn’t have enough weaponry and experience. And, on the other side was Saddam, whatever he wanted, they provided him, and they thought that he will win the war on Iran. Saddam, intoxicated with power and while receiving all the economic, military and intelligence support that USA and other Western countries provided him, proudly announced that he will capture Tehran within 3 days. The war that was imposed on Iran, continued for more than 8 years instead of 3 days and ultimately in the end, not even an inch of Iranian land reach the hands of Saddam and his supporters.

During these 8 years, Saddam fought with us and also with his own people. He bombarded our cities with chemical weapons provided by the Western powers and also Iraqi villages and towns. During the whole period of war, while Saddam was bombarding our cities, Islamic Republic of Iran, obeying the laws of Islam and humanitarian principles, never attacked cities and limited the war with the army of Iraq in the battlefield. It is sad, that even this humane attitude of Islamic Republic didn’t impress those who at world stage watched the war at that time.

* * *

At the beginning of war, I was 25 years of age. My mother and wife and all the mothers and wives of the Iranian nation, whose youths and their wives participated in war and defended their country, patiently trained and educated the next generation, which is brave, resisting and faithful. Today’s brave and strong youths are the fruits of hardships and untiring efforts of the days of past.

The sacred defense in the universities was related to teaching human values. Side by side, the experience of life and death during war made this life like a heaven on earth and hereafter, such that what was said and heard about it and carried out at that time, was truly godly.

Brotherhood, faithfulness, seriousness and loving hard work, spirituality and worship, eagerness and happiness to do good, sacrifice and bravery, all these values have proved to us time and again that this world and hereafter are not opposite to each other, rather they both are completely in harmony with each other. At that time, martyrdom was the only wish of our defending fighters.

In the year 1988, one year before the demise of Imam Khomeini, may peace of God be upon him, the United Nations Security Council passed the resolution to stop the war and Imam unwillingly accepted it and announced that this acceptance on his part is like drinking poison. The war ended and in a situation when all the international organizations strived very hard to distort and hide the facts that Saddam was the aggressor and that the arrogant powers had fully supported him. For those who were not aware of the close working of these international organizations and arrogant powers of the world, this indifference to and distortion and hiding of the facts was a very shocking experience.

* * *

I will continue this topic later on as it took long in the beginning. From now onwards, I will try to make it shorter and simpler.

With hope in God, I intend to wholeheartedly complete my talk in future with allotted fifteen minutes


Mahmud Ahmadinejad

محمود احمدی‌نژاد

Presiden Iran

Presiden Iran

Presiden Iran ke-6

Sedang Menjabat

Mulai menjabat
3 Agustus 2005[1]

Wakil Presiden

Parviz Davoodi


Ali Khamenei


Muhammad Khatami


Masih menjabat


28 Oktober 1956 (umur 51)
Aradan, Iran



Partai politik

Perhimpunan Insinyur Islam


Islam Syi’ah

Mahmud Ahmadinejad atau bisa dibaca Ahmadinezhad (bahasa Persia: محمود احمدی‌نژاد ; lahir 28 Oktober 1956[2][3]) adalah Presiden Iran yang keenam dan memperoleh 61.91% suara pemilih pada pilpres Iran tanggal 24 Juni 2005.[3] Jabatan kepresidenannya dimulai pada 3 Agustus 2005.[1] Ia pernah menjabat walikota Teheran dari 3 Mei 2003 hingga 28 Juni 2005 waktu ia terpilih sebagai presiden[2]. Ia dikenal secara luas sebagai seorang tokoh konservatif yang sangat loyal terhadap nilai-nilai Revolusi Islam Iran, 1979.[1]



Lahir di daerah desa pertanian Aradan, dekat Garmsar, sekitar 120 kilometer arah tenggara Teheran. Dia merupakan anak keempat dari tujuh bersaudara. Orang tuanya, Ahmad Saborjihan, memberi nama Mahmud Saborjihan saat lahir. Dia menggunakan nama tersebut hingga sebuah keputusan besar mendorong keluarganya untuk hijrah ke Teheran pada paruh kedua tahun 1950-an. Di Teheran, ayahnya merubah namanya menjadi Mahmud Ahmadinejad sebagai isyarat religiusitas dan semangat mencari kehidupan yang lebih baik, karena Saborjihan dalam bahasa Parsi berarti pelukis karpet, pekerjaan yang jamak dilakukan di sentra karpet seperti Aradan, sedangkan Ahmadinejad berarti ras yang unggul, bijak dan paripurna.[2]


Dia lulus dari Universitas Sains dan Teknologi Iran (IUST) dengan gelar doktor dalam bidang teknik dan perencanaan lalu lintas dan transportasi.

Pada tahun 1980, dia adalah ketua perwakilan IUST untuk perkumpulan mahasiswa, dan terlibat dalam pendirian Kantor untuk Pereratan Persatuan (daftar-e tahkim-e vahdat), organisasi mahasiswa yang berada di balik perebutan Kedubes Amerika Serikat yang mengakibatkan terjadinya krisis sandera Iran.

Bergabung dengan Imam Khomeini

Pada masa Perang Iran-Irak, Ahmedinejad bergabung dengan Korps Pengawal Revolusi Islam pada tahun 1986. Dia terlibat dalam misi-misi di Kirkuk, Irak. Dia kemudian menjadi insinyur kepala pasukan keenam Korps dan kepala staf Korps di sebelah barat Iran. Setelah perang, dia bertugas sebagai wakil gubernur dan gubernur Maku dan Khoy, Penasehat Menteri Kebudayaan dan Ajaran Islam, dan gubernur provinsi Ardabil dari 1993 hingga Oktober 1997.

Walikota Teheran

Ahmadinejad lalu terpilih sebagai walikota Teheran pada Mei 2003. Dalam masa tugasnya, dia mengembalikan banyak perubahan yang dilakukan walikota-walikota sebelumnya yang lebih moderat dan reformis, dan mementingkan nilai-nilai keagamaan dalam kegiatan-kegiatan di pusat-pusat kebudayaan. Selain itu, dia juga menjadi semacam manajer dalam harian Hamshahri dan memecat sang editor, Mohammad Atrianfar, pada 13 Juni 2005, beberapa hari sebelum pemilu presiden, karena tidak mendukungnya dalam pemilu tersebut.

Ahmadinejad diketahui pernah bertengkar dengan Presiden Mohammad Khatami, yang lalu melarangnya menghadiri pertemuan Dewan Menteri, suatu hak yang biasa diberikan kepada para walikota Teheran. Dia telah mengkritik Khatami di depan umum, menuduhnya tidak mengetahui masalah-masalah sehari-hari warga Iran.

Sebagai Presiden Iran

Setelah dua tahun sebagai walikota Teheran, Ahmadinejad lalu terpilih sebagai presiden baru Iran. Tak lama setelah terpilih, pada 29 Juni 2005, sempat muncul tuduhan bahwa ia terlibat dalam krisis sandera Iran pada tahun 1979. Iran Focus mengklaim bahwa sebuah foto yang dikeluarkannya menunjukkan Ahmadinejad sedang berjalan menuntun para sandera dalam peristiwa tersebut, namun tuduhan ini tidak pernah dapat dibuktikan.


Kutipan pernyataannya dalam sebuah pertemuan di hadapan para mahasiswa pada 26 Oktober 2005 dari pernyataan Ayatollah Khomeini yang menyerukan agar Israel “dihapus dari peta dunia” memicu kontroversi. Selain, menuai kecaman dari berbagai pemimpin dunia, termasuk Wakil Perdana Menteri Shimon Peres. Peres bahkan membalas dengan menuntut agar Iran dikeluarkan dari keanggotaan di Perserikatan Bangsa-bangsa.

Pernyataan yang kontroversial ini diulang kembali pada 14 Desember 2005. Saat itu, ia berkata bahwa Holocaust (peristiwa pembantaian terhadap kaum Yahudi oleh rezim Nazi pada masa Perang Dunia II) hanyalah sebuah mitos yang digunakan bangsa Eropa untuk menciptakan negara Yahudi di jantung dunia Islam. Ia juga sempat menyelenggarakan konferensi tentang Holocaust.

Sementara, kritik dalam negeri mengenai kebijakan domestik dan luar negeri terus mengalir deras. Kritik datang dari tokoh ulama besar Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri. Merujuk retorika Ahmadinejad terhadap Amerika Serikat, Montazeri menyatakan bahwa sangat perlu bertindak logis terhadap musuh dan tidak memprovokasi. Bagi Montazeri, ekstremisme tidak berbuah baik untuk rakyat.

Iran menegaskan bahwa pengembangan teknologi nuklir merupakan hak yang tidak bisa disangkal meskipun Dewan Keamanan PBB mengeluarkan resolusi yang menuntut Iran untuk menghentikan program pengayaan uranium. Ahmadinejad mendapat kritikan dari kalangan konservatif maupun reformis mengenai kebijakan ekonominya dan cara dia menangani isu nuklir Iran.


  • Rencana menonton timnya berlaga di Piala Dunia 2006 di Jerman dihambat berbagai elemen masyarakat setempat, sehingga izin tidak diberikan. Bahkan warga Yahudi di Jerman menentang kehadirannya mengingat pernyataannya seputar Holocaust. “Penyangkalan kekejaman Nazi adalah pelanggaran serius di Jerman,” kata Charlotte Knobloch, Ketua Central Council Jews. Knobloch menuding Ahmadinejad sebagai “Hitler kedua”. Menteri Dalam Negeri Jerman Guenther Beckstein menyatakan, “Kami harus menegaskan bahwa ia tak diinginkan di sini. Lebih baik ia tak usah datang.”




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Kesederhanaan Presiden Iran

“….Saat harus menginap di hotel, ia meminta diberikan kamar tanpa tempat tidur
yg tidak terlalu besar karena ia tidak suka tidur di atas kasur, tetapi
lebih suka tidur di lantai beralaskan karpet dan selimut….”

Presiden Iran Ahmedi Najad, Makhluk langka di Bumi abad milenium

Tuhan mencintai siapa yang merendah dalam kehidupan pribadinya!

TV Fox (AS) menanyakan pada Presiden Iran Ahmedi Najad; “Saat anda melihat
di cermin setiap pagi, apa yang anda katakan pada diri anda?”

Jawabnya: “Saya melihat orang di cermin itu dan mengatakan padanya:”Ingat,
kau tak lebih dari seorang pelayan, hari di depanmu penuh dengan tanggung
jawab yang berat, yaitu melayani bangsa Iran .”

Berikut adalah bagaimana penyiar menggambarkan dirinya.

Ahmedi Najad, adalah presiden Iran yang membuat orang ternganga, karena
pada saat pertama kali menduduki kantor kepresidenan Ia menyumbangkan
seluruh karpet Iran Istana yang sangat tinggi nilai maupun harganya itu
kepada masjid2 di Teheran dan menggantikannya dengan karpet biasa yang
mudah dibersihkan.

Ia mengamati bahwa ada ruangan yang sangat besar untuk menerima dan
menghormati tamu VIP, lalu ia memerintahkan untuk menutup ruang tersebut
dan menanyakan pada protokoler untuk menggantinya dengan ruangan biasa
dengan 2 kursi kayu, meski sederhana tetap terlihat impresive.

Di banyak kesempatan ia bercengkerama dengan petugas kebersihan di sekitar
rumah dan kantor kepresidenannya.

Di bawah kepemimpinannya, saat ia meminta menteri2 nya untuk datang
kepadanya dan menteri2 tsb akan menerima sebuah dokumen yang ditandatangani
yang berisikan arahan2 darinya, arahan tersebut terutama sekali menekankan
para menteri2nya untuk tetap hidup sederhana dan disebutkan bahwa rekening
pribadi maupun kerabat dekatnya akan diawasi, sehingga pada saat menteri2
tsb berakhir masa jabatannya dapat meninggalkan kantornya dengan kepala

Langkah pertamanya adalah ia mengumumkan kekayaan dan propertinya yang
terdiri dari Peugeot 504 tahun 1977, sebuah rumah sederhana warisan ayahnya
40 tahun yang lalu di sebuah daerah kumuh di Teheran. Rekening banknya
bersaldo minimum, dan satu2nya uang masuk adalah uang gaji bulanannya.
Gajinya sebagai dosen di sebuah universitas hanya senilai US$ 250. Sebagai
tambahan informasi, Presiden masih tinggal di rumahnya. Hanya itulah yang
dimilikinyaseorang presiden dari negara yang penting baik secara strategis,
ekonomis, politis, belum lagi secara minyak dan pertahanan.

Bahkan ia tidak mengambil gajinya, alasannya adalah bahwa semua
kesejahteraan adalah milik negara dan ia bertugas untuk menjaganya.

Satu hal yang membuat kagum staf kepresidenan adalah tas yg selalu dibawa
sang presiden tiap hari selalu berisikan sarapan; roti isi atau roti keju
yang disiapkan istrinya dan memakannya dengan gembira, ia juga menghentikan
kebiasaan menyediakan makanan yang dikhususkan untuk presiden.

Hal lain yang ia ubah adalah kebijakan Pesawat Terbang Kepresidenan, ia
mengubahnya menjadi pesawat kargo sehingga dapat menghemat pajak masyarakat
dan untuk dirinya, ia meminta terbang dengan pesawat terbang biasa dengan
kelas ekonomi.

Ia kerap mengadakan rapat dengan menteri2 nya untuk mendapatkan info
tentang kegiatan dan efisiensi yang sdh dilakukan, dan ia memotong
protokoler istana sehingga menteri2 nya dapat masuk langsung ke ruangannya
tanpa ada hambatan. Ia juga menghentikan kebiasaan upacara2 seperti karpet
merah, sesi foto, atau publikasi pribadi, atau hal2 spt itu saat
mengunjungi berbagai tempat di negaranya.

Keterangan gambar : Presiden Iran tidur di ruang tamu rumahnya sesudah lepas dari pengawal2nya
yg selalu mengikuti kemanapun ia pergi. Menurut koran Wifaq, foto2 yg
diambil oleh adiknya tersebut, kemudian dipulikasikan oleh media masa di
seluruh dunia, termasuk amerika.

Apakah perilaku tersebut merendahkan posisi presiden? Tidak Lah yauw

Presiden Iran Ahmadinejad Berpidato di Universitas AS

New York (ANTARA News) – Presiden Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, yang dijelek-jelekkan sebagai pembantah Holocaust, pendukung teroris dan penyokong gerakan perlawanan di Irak, ternyata mampu mendatangkan tawa saat berpidato di Columbia University, Amerika Serikat (AS), meski bukan lewat lelucon.

“Di Iran tidak ada homoseksual, seperti di negara anda,” kata Ahmadinejad, Senin, saat menjawab pertanyaan mengenai pelaksanaan hukuman mati di Iran yang belum lama ini dilakukan terhadap dua pria penyuka sejenis.

Ia menimpali, “Di Iran tidak ada fenomena ini, saya tidak tahu siapa yang memberitahukan kepada anda bahwa kami punya hal begitu.”

Tawa keras dan cercaan “booo” dilepaskan sekitar 700 orang, kebanyakan mahasiswa, yang hadir di Ivy League school. Mereka, antara lain mengenakan kaos oblong bertuliskan “Stop Ahmadinejad`s Evil” (stop Iblis Ahmadinejad).

Pada bagian awal, dia mengemukakan tentang Israel yang menyiksa warga Palestina dan program nuklir Iran yang bertujuan untuk energi dan bukan untuk senjata, sebelum komentar mengenai homoseksual yang memecahkan ketegangan.

Ahmadinejad yang berbicara dalam bahasa Persia sebenarnya berusaha membuat lelucon, namun tidak berhasil membuat tawa karena kemungkinan nuansanya hilang dalam penerjemahan.

“Saya akan ceritakan satu lelucon di sini,” katanya. “Saya pikir para politikus yang mengusahakan bom atom atau mengujinya, membuatnya, secara politis mereka terkebelakang, dungu.”

Hadirin ragu, sebagian bertepuk tangan karena menganggapnya sebagai pernyataan cinta damai sedangkan lainnya bingung dengan kata dungu yang peka.

Kunjungan Ahmadinejad yang pada Selasa akan berpidato pada Sidang Umum PBB itu tidak lepas dari berbagai keberatan, seperti anggota DPR AS asal daerah pemilihan New York, Anthony Weiner, yang kepada para pengunjuk rasa di depan Markas Besar PBB mengatakan, “kadang ada ular berkeliaran di jalanan New York.”

Koran The New York Daily News di berita utama halaman depan menulis “The Evil Has Landed” (iblis telah mendarat).

Rektor Universitas Columbia sama saja, dia menjuluki Presiden Iran itu “diktator picik dan jahat”

Begitulah gambaran keculasan dan kesombongan Dunia Barat dalam Menilai Islam, Mengapa mereka membanggakan diri dan menjadi pembenar atas yang berlaku bagi perbuatan mereka padahal yang sebenarnya mereka adalah Firaun Masa Kini yang berkedok HAM dan Demokrasi dengan semena mena menindas Negara Lain seperti Irak, Afghanistan, Palestine dan bila hal itu terjadi pada negara Muslim yang sudah sepantasnya membela tanah airnya dikatakan Teroris, Penjahat, dan Hal Yang buruk.

Inilah ceriminan Dunia Yang didominasi Kaum Kapitalis yang merusak sendi2 moral dari Negara Muslim di dunia.