Samsung SGH i700





Pocket Office (Outlook, Word, Excel)

Take your office with you, with the Samsung i700 Mobile PDA. The SGH-i700 is the perfect business companion for your mobile life. Slim, competent and durable, the i700 is the most technologically advanced mobile PDA available with the convenient functionality of Pocket PC for a combination of elements including applications like Pocket Outlook, Pocket Word and Pocket Excel to make you more productive as you manage your busy schedule.

Voice Recognition / Rotating VGA (640 x 480) Camera

In addition, it incorporates a state-of-the-art speaker voice recognition system that lets you control your PDA hands-free. It sports a sleek and lightweight design with a built-in 180o rotating digital camera, camcorder and a 3.5 high-quality 65 000 TFT colour screen. Its built-in SD I/O port also provides the flexibility to enhance your capabilities with additional add-on functionality like Wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Camcorder (MPEG4/3GPP)

The 300 000 pixel CMOS digital camera is great for still shots or video clips, which can be stored and played back. An integrated camcorder and movie player lets you take movies in MPEG4/3GPP format and send them to your friends via MMS. Bundled with MITs Wizard software gives you the power to edit and customize your PC images and video taken with your i700. Samsungs new i700 lets you experience the Web in vibrant color and at high-speed on its full-colour touch-screen display, which can be freely adjusted for either portrait or landscape viewing. The i700 also supports sending pictures wirelessly and in full colour.

MultiMedia (MP3/WMA)

The Windows Media Player plays back video files and MP3 files just like a PC, providing a full range of entertainment options. And it comes with a built-in writeable memory capacity of 64MB and an SD I/O port that can expand onboard memory up to 1GB for additional enjoyment as you play games like Jawbreaker and Solitaire and download music and video files.


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